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Museo / Pan - Palazzo delle Arti Napoli
solo show  - 03.12.22 - 22.12.22

in collaboration with Galleria Mood-Project
with the patronage of Municipality of Naples
with the support of Robert Walser Zentrum
with the contribution of Galleria Borbonica

texts in the catalogue :
"Towards the invisible" by Valentina Rippa

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VERSO” is an artistic project born from the collaboration between Marco Adinolfi and Massimo Cicala, a four-handed work inspired by the text “The Walk” (Der Spaziergang) by Robert Walser. The famous Swiss author tackled many themes in this literary masterpiece: journey, solitude, observation, getting lost, appearances. Drawing inspiration from these concepts, the elaborated works invite the visitor not to stop at the aesthetic and chromatic completeness of a declared "minimal" geometry but to go further, approach the works with curiosity, desecrate their inviolability, discover that in those paintings there are volumes that invade the space, that what seems continuous is only a reflection, that there are more intimate "conditions" to consider, that there is more than the declared appearance. Lingering, waiting and recognizing that beyond the "image" there is more, there is the detail that can only be discovered if we consider curiosity an essential condition of our existence.

Presentazione Catalogo della mostra VERSO
21.12.22  / PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli-Sala Di Stefano /
with Dino Morra ( Mood|project Gallery ), Marco Adinolfi e Massimo Cicala (Artists ), Costanza Pellegrini (Moderator ).

Photo by Ludovico Brancaccio

Dino Morra Gallery
Group show  
11.05.23 - 11.06.23

Adinolfi and Cicala present :

Mutamenti - 2023 - Mixed technique ( acrylic threads, mirrors, plastic inserts, on wood)
Ri_quadro rosso - 2023 - Mixed technique ( synthetic wool, acrylic on wood )
Immagine 7 - 2022 - Mixed technique ( acrylic threads, steel threads and acrylic on wood )

"Adinolfi and Cicala, Federika Fumarola, Barbara Prenka, Sonia Riccio, Rotteveel and Vermeer, Mattia Varini are the artists chosen to discuss and reflect on the evolution of informal art today. A necessary examination given the onset of recent trends that see the return of the figurative on the contemporary scenes. While in the first edition of Re_st_Art there was a free dialogue between heterogeneous languages, the artists of this new edition have a common, predominantly pictorial vision of "non-form". are projected towards the search for a communication of the matter, through a personal and intimate reading of current social values."
( excerpt from the press release )

Galleria Design Sulmondo
Group show  / 12.05.2023 - 23.06.2023

Design Sulmondo presents “ASSOLI’”, an art exhibition inspired by existentialism and focuses on the experience of solitude.
The artists Adinolfi and Cicala, Arnaud Boueilh, Josef Esposito, Sulmondo-Design, exhibit works expressing different sensibilities through installations, painting, sculpture, design.
The “ASSOLI” exhibition aims to be a stimulating experience that invites visitors to a deeper contemplation and understanding of the complexities of solitude.

photo by Design Sulmondo
adinolfi cicala2024
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