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“Like the infinite labyrinth of the mind, the works of Adinolfi | Cicala bring to life the space with geometric shapes and multicolored ripples, creating a dynamic liveliness, a synthesis between architecture and sculpture, abstract art, and reality. These works are characterized by a playful appearance that hides behind and within unyielding surfaces, a juxtaposition of materials, crafted by hand. The key aim of the exhibition is to go beyond, "towards" something, where the imperceptible becomes perceptible. The exhibition requires a more dynamic and interactive participation, that pushes the visitor to go beyond the visible to discover the invisible.”      
Valentina Rippa("Towards the invisible"- from the catalog of the exhibition  "VERSO")

"The vision of the works, which depending on the point of view show different aspects and elements, places us in front of persuasive visual traps that force us to give up simple definitions and immerse ourselves in the sometimes contradictory complexity of our being."
Luca Sorbo ("The Verso exhibition of the artistic duo Adinolfi-Cicala at PAN"/ )
photo  Antonio Mocciola
Marco Adinolfi - Naples 1973

He is a multidisciplinary visual artist. He joined national and international art exhibitions with painting works,  sculptures and artistic installations. He obtained many painting and sculptures awards. He cooperated with many  Naples galleries as an artist and an artistic director. In 2002 he was one of the first visual artists to join the exhibition “Maggio dei Monumenti” with a personal exposure in palazzo Carafa di Maddaloni in Naples. He has worked for many  years on the concept of “identity and appearance”. In “Monologo”, a 2011 Exhibition in Pica’s Gallery (Naples) he talks  about the contradictions of his land, Campania. From 2021 his sculpture “La forma del tempo”, inspired by George  Kubler’s manuscript, is permanently exposed in Sala Consiliare of the Ente Vesuvio National Park, in Castello Mediceo,  Ottaviano, Naples. His works are published in national artistic magazines like Flash art, Artribune, Exibart, Il Giornale  dell’Arte, La Repubblica, Corriere del Mezzogiorno, Il Mattino.
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Massimo Cicala – Wuppertal (D) 1976

He is an architect and a visual artist. His life is signed by two passions, art and architectural design. He graduated in  Faculty of Architecture, Federico II University, Naples. He worked in “Corvino+Multari” associated studio of  architecture in Milan and in “Zero5” associated studio of architecture in Naples. He participated to national and  international architectural competitions. In 2005 he won a scholarship in “Istituto degli Studi Fisolofici” di Napoli with  the project “La città sostenibile – crisi di identità delle nuove metropoli”. He exposed ink and pencil drawings in a  personal exhibition called “Fulmicotonica” inspired by incommunicability issue of Michelangelo Antonioni films. In  2014 he exposed his oil paintings in the exhibition “Riflesso, Colore”
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